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Student Advocacy Activism and Protests[edit]

NASFAA - Student Debtors and Activists Protest Annual Financial Aid Administrator Conference[edit]

Debt Collective wins the Big Idea Award (spoof)!

The National Association of Financial Aid Administrators held their national conference in the Big Easy. And we came to pay them a visit!

NASFAA is the professional organization for the financial aid industry. In addition to providing a forum for campus officials to discuss the latest developments in student loan delivery and collection, the conference featured panels and exhibits by student debt profiteers such as Sallie Mae, debt collection companies like ECMC, and lenders like Wells Fargo.

Using a series of creative tactics, for-profit college students and Debt Collective organizers reminded industry professionals that student loans are not “aid.” We asked why NASFAA isn't considering the simplest and most affordable solution to the problem of student debt: free tuition at all public 2- and 4-year colleges. Ref: Debt Collective Blog on NASFAA Protest

The Debt Collective action in New Orleans was a big success. We were able to persuade many of the NASFAA attendees to think more critically about their industry’s role in promoting debt traps instead of real solutions. We were also able to influence the conversation in the media. Our action in New Orleans garnered national press coverage, including in the Guardian, Inside Higher Ed, Marketwatch, and Al Jazeera America.The day after the parade, Debt Collective organizers and for-profit college students stayed in town to hold a series of workshops and strategy sessions to plan the next phase of the student strike movement.
Debt Collective: student debtors and activists protesting at NASFAA Annual Conference June 2015 - Photo by Craig Hammond

Debt Collective spoofed the NASFAA conference twitter account to say we won the Big Idea Award for Free Education. Free education would cost less than the war on drugs and tax breaks given to just twenty US Corporations. Do you want to know, How Far to Free? --WikiNiki (talk) 13:04, 11 December 2015 (PST)

For-Profit Student Debtors and Victims of the Debt Revolution[edit]


We are looking for students and whistle blowers who attended or worked at a for profit college, students and staff are collectively building a movement to demand class wide discharges for all students who have been victims of the fraud and deception happening at for profit colleges across the country. Students are organizing in solidarity on Facebook,Twitter and soon on Debt Collective website site link below. Please stay updated at the Debt Collective website, blog section.

Debt Collective Student Debt Revolution Facebook

ITT Tech open house student protest - Photo by Craig Hammond

Open House Protests Happening Across The Country

Are you willing to stand up and fight back? ITT-Technical Institute and Art Institute students have been protesting open houses across the nation. The goal of the protests are to warn prospective students about the pending lawsuits, history of deception and fraud that has swept through the for profit college industry. For years for profit colleges have been misleading students about job placement rates,accreditation and funding their abuses have become a common practice or what I call the "for profit code of conduct", students and parents deserve the truth. We want to bring awareness to the communities and send a message to The Department of Education that "We Will Not Be Silent Our Voices Will Be Heard".

Christina Hammond protesting at ITT Tech open house - Photo by Craig Hammond

These so called "colleges" continue to commit fraud and be deceptive why? Because their enrollment agreements have an arbitration clause in it preventing them from seeking legal recourse if they have been defrauded by the school.

The Department of Education needs to step in and protect students they also need to address the damage that these for profit school have already done.

"It Is High Time They [Department of Education] Do The Right Thing and Issue A Class Wide Discharge For Illegitimate Student Debt"

If you are willing to stand up and fight telling the truth about for profit schools please click the link Art Institute Open House.

Art Institutes Open house student protest - Photo by Craig Hammond

If you would like to join ITT-Technical Institute Open House Protest click ITT Tech Warriors.

Debt Collective/ For Profit Colleges in Solidarity

Join us click school link below

Debt Collective - Free Education Movement - How Far to Free?--WikiNiki (talk) 13:03, 11 December 2015 (PST)

Facebook Groups[edit]

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ITT Technical Institute Warriors

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Kaplan Colleges Collective Power In Numbers

Facebook groups fighting back join us #Solidarity #NotALoan #FreeEd Student Debt Revolution Blog by Christina Hammond--WikiNiki (talk) 13:04, 11 December 2015 (PST)