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Defaulted Borrower Wage Garnishment

If this is a a garnishment from a regular debt, there are ways to dispute these things, and bankruptcy is an option, that is if this isn't a federal student loan.

There are ways to have your voice recognized if you are being garnished for a student loan from a college that has defrauded and abused you. The first thing you can do is file a 'Defense to Repayment' through this site here:

Defense to Repayment Application

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The Defense To Repayment app. It is crucial that you gather the right evidence and fill this out if you have any chance of financial independence from what you may believe was a fraudulent education. It will be sent directly to the Department of Education. Corinthian college students have been somewhat successful with getting the ED to recognize problems. But the ED has said it will cancel loans for students that were victims of fraud. Which casts a wide net, because many other colleges had job placement rates that were fraudulent or hidden for a quite awhile, as well as other issues of fraud within different corporations. PLEASE EVERYONE DEFRAUDED BY THEIR COLLEGE, FILL OUT THIS DEFENSE TO REPAYMENT. What you will need:

1. ) Find any information regarding job placement lies/fraud: Use "" to find placement statistics, google the lawsuits against your particular school and make sure you have any documentation that backs up those lawsuits and investigations. If you have any email evidence, keep it. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

2. )Go through all of your school ledgers and transcripts and find evidence of fraud, this includes a distinct pattern of overcharging, clear misleading information. You can request these items from your school, if they give you grief and tell you that you have to pay money to get them, say “I am legally entitled to my unofficial transcript and ledger.” Any fishy emails or other school paperwork can be added as well. You can find an abundance of news articles on the internet about most of these predatory institutions and the claims against them to scan to PDF and include if you wish.

3. )You will need to scan these files to PDF, google it if you don't know how, and find someone you know with a scanner. Some FedEx Offices offer this service.

4. ) Tell the story of how your school defrauded you and speak of the substandard education you may have received.

Cancellation through the "Defense to Repayment" process depends on your specific scenario. If you have the right evidence for fraud, under education, and abuse, your chances are higher. The ED said they would cancel some loans from specific predatory for-profit colleges that were up to no good, but they are going to make you prove the fraud. They call it "loan forgiveness," but it is really us forgiving the ED for the scam they perpetrated upon the students without conscience. Good luck with your DTR if you plan on doing it!

If you need to mail by snail, I would suggest you do it certified mail, so you have proof you sent it: Department of Education, PO Box 194407, San Francisco, CA 94119

Second, if you have received a letter of future garnishment, have had a tax refund check offset, or are already being garnished, and you are a product of fraud, you must contact your loan servicer (example: Navient, Sallie Mae) and demand a trial to fight your wage garnishment on the grounds of fraud. Often they will ask for your email, and send you the required paperwork for this process. You must ask for the garnishment department when doing this, and if they give you the run around, ask to talk to a supervisor.

Hope this will help!

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