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=== Corinthian Student Debtors ===<br>[[File:Natasha SolidarityStrike.jpg|frameless|right]]Thousands of defrauded student debtors from Corinthian CCI for-profit college chain have lead the student debt strike with Debt as the Corinthian Collective[]. If you are a Corinthian victim. You can join to find more information about what you can do to help and join the strike by visiting the Corinthian Collective, you can [ Corinthian Collectivejoin the Strike!]<br>
'''<br>[ Because of Debt Collective there is now a true voice of student debtors on the Corinthian College Inc. Bankruptcy Committee.]'''
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=== Corinthian Colleges Inc.===
=== Corinthian Colleges, Inc. Systematically Defrauded Students ===
[[File:CCI LOGO Anti-Art.jpg|frameless|center]]
<strong>== Corinthian Colleges Inc.: Life after Everest, Heald & Wyotec:</strong>=='''You're Not a loan Loan number, you’re You’re a future bankruptcy victim.'''<br> '''Corinthian Colleges, Inc. systemically defrauded students:'''Future Bankruptcy Victim
Corinthian stands accused of [ predatory lending], [ false job placement statistics, deceptive marketing], [ securities fraud], and the [ unlawful use of military seals in advertisements].
*Corinthian faced multiple investigations and subpoenas by state attorneys general: California (2007 and 2013), Florida (2010 and 2012), New York (2011), Oregon (2011), Illinois (2011), Wisconsin (2013 and 2014), Minnesota (2013), Massachusetts (2014), and a multi-state investigation from 16 attorneys general.
*Corinthian also faced lawsuits, subpoenas and investigations from regulators: the Securities and Exchange Commission (2013 and 2014), the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (2014), and the Department of Education (2015).
<br/'''Despite almost a decade of warnings, the Department did not restrict or revoke Corinthian’s eligibility for government financial aid until June 2014. ''' <br/
A broad coalition has called on the Department of Education to use its authority to do a class-wide cancellation of Corinthian debt, including:
*Dec 9 letter from [ Thirteen Senators];
*April 9 letter from [ Nine state Attorneys General]; and
*April 20 letter from [ Three members of the House of Representatives].
<br/>'''=== Corinthian committed its vast fraud using taxpayer money:''Committed It's Vast Fraud Using Taxpayer Money ===
#Corinthian took in over [ $1.2 billion per year] in federal student loan money.
#At its peak, Corinthian received [ more than half a billion dollars per year from the federal Pell Grant] program.
#They can receive more if they enroll veterans, as GI Bill money is not counted towards the 90% limit. This has led to the targeting of veterans.
#Corinthian received [ $186 million in Veterans Affairs Post-9/11 GI Bill dollars].
<br/>'''=== Department of Education Policy Asks:'''===
#Publicly call on the Department of Education to cancel all debt of current and former Corinthian students.←
#Currently, only 88% of Heald students are eligible for a “fast-track” discharge process; Everest and Wyotech students must apply through a more burdensome process←
*34 C.F.R. § 682.208(g) and a provision in the Federal Family Education Loan Program (“FFEL”) Master Promissory Note, which provide that FFEL loan holders are subject to all claims and defenses that a borrower could assert against a school if the school referred borrowers to the lender.
'''Additional facts about === Facts About the Corinthian Colleges crisis:'''Crisis ===
*Corinthian spent $620,000 on lobbying in 2014, the year they collapsed.
* Instead of closing the failed school down — which would have made over 72,000 students eligible for a refund — the Department of Education decided to save it.
*In its bankruptcy filings, Corinthian was found to have made secret payments to an array of political consultants, think tanks and political dark money groups.
'''"Talk to an Everest graduate. They'll tell you how the school really helps, there are several reasons, here just a few there are many more. They Lied about total Price, Lied about Accreditation, Lied about Time it would take to finish, Lied about Alleged job placement and job search, basically they lied about everything, and they breached the contract with fraud.
*Financial aid is available for those who don’t qualify. And they will even take out loans for you when you don’t know about them don’t worry they have auto signs for you.'''
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