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ITT Tech

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The creator of the ITT Tech Warriors Facebook group is Christina Hammond. Christina and Niki Howland were inspired by the student debt revolt lead by the [ Corinthian Collective] student debt strikers well before the [ Corinthian College Chain declared bankruptcy]. Many of the student's stories were so similar to what had happened to Christina and Niki at ITT Tech. So many victims from different for-profit colleges experienced very similar deceit, poor education and predatory lending. It has been the goal of Christina and Niki is to raise awareness about the atrocities that ITT Tech commits against veterans, students, tax payers and government. It is imperative that the two student debtors also educate others about the student debt crisis and how it ruins lives. After seeing what was happening to the former students of the Corinthian College chain, the similarities of ITT Tech became very apparent.
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As a result, Christina Hammond and Niki Howland formed ITT Warriors group where true ITT alumni, whistleblowers, former staff could come together and raise awareness about for-profit college fraud and fight against the injustice that ITT Tech has perpetrated against us. Right now, ITT Warriors, EDMC Revolutionaries and Everest Avengers are all fighting for the Tuition Free Education, class-wide student debt discharge for defrauded borrowers, to raise awareness about the Student Debt Crisis. There are thousands of members all organizing together and growing. ITT Warriors stands stand in solidarity with the [ Corinthian 15 Student Debt Strikers].
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== ITT Tech Campus Closures ==
There has been very little mainstream news and announcements of ITT Tech campus closures. The Department of Education, ITT Technical Institute and other mainstream news are not covering campus closures as they should be. With the help of Debt Collective, Niki Howland wrote an investigative blog regarding [ ITT Tech campus closures] and what you should do if your campus is closing. According to the Department of Education, you are not eligible for student loan forgiveness if you complete the program at your school. In this blog there is are resources and options listed to help guide you through the process of the Defense to Repayment application[[]].
===== Campus Closures =====
[[File:ITT Tech anti logo.jpg|frameless|center]]
===== ITT Tech Uunder Under Investigation by 13 U.S. State Attorneys General =====
ITT Tech is under investigation by 13 state attorneys general for lying to students, predatory lending, deceptive marketing practices, sub-par education and bloated job placement statistics[].