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ITT Tech Warriors


We are a growing group of defrauded student debtors organizing with Debt Collective. You are not a loan. You can meet with other defrauded borrowers and alumni from ITT Tech. Join ITT Tech Warriors on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @ITTWarriors.

The creator of the ITT Tech Warriors Facebook group is Christina Hammond. Christina was inspired by the student debt revolt lead by the Corinthian Collective student debt strikers well before the Corinthian College Chain declared bankruptcy. Many of the student's stories were so similar to what had happened to Christina at ITT Tech. So many victims from a different for-profit college experienced very similar deceit, poor education and predatory lending. Christina's goal is to raise awareness about the atrocities that ITT Tech commits against veterans, students, tax payers and the government. Christina wants to raise awareness about the student debt crisis and how it ruins lives. After seeing what was happening to the former students of the Corinthian College chain, the similarities of ITT Tech became very apparent.

As a result, Christina formed ITT Warriors group where true ITT alumni, whistleblowers, former staff could come together and raise awareness about for-profit college fraud and fight against the injustice that ITT Tech has perpetrated against us. Right now, ITT Warriors, EDMC Revolutionaries and Everest Avengers are all fighting for the Free Education, class-wide student debt discharge for defrauded borrowers, to raise awareness about the Student Debt Crisis. There are thousands of members all organizing together and growing. ITT Warriors stands in solidarity with the Corinthian 15 Student Debt Strikers.

ITT Tech Fact Sheet & Timeline

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"ITT marketed itself as improving consumers’ lives but it was really just improving its bottom line, We believe ITT used high-pressure tactics to push many consumers into expensive loans destined to default. Today’s action should serve as a warning to the for-profit college industry that we will be vigilant about protecting students against predatory lending tactics.” Reference Source - said CFPB Director Richard Cordray on Prepared Remarks of CFPB Director Richard Cordray at the ITT Enforcement Action Press Conference Febuary 26, 2014